Fundraising Update

Interesting things how timings work… I just completed major overhaul of the Team 11 and donation stuff plus added a new corporate sponsorship page today. And, then today, I got two grant rejections and one grant “IMAX film cannot apply” letter.

On the one hand it’s frustrating that Outside In has yet to land a single grant. Film grants in the US almost always go to “socially conscious” films and despite the fact that professional grantwriters have helped rework my applications, the few grants that will allow IMAX films to apply have rejected Outside In multiple times.

Of course, film grants are scarce in the US and most of them refuse to let IMAX films apply – believing that only well-heeled filmmakers make IMAX films despite much letter-writing in protest.

Outside In is, well, too outside-the-box for the usual indie film world, so fundraising will need to be outside-the-box too. Outside In already has impressed people with how much start-up seed money has been raised and the progress so far. Now it’s time to launch the film completely (see the cool rocket launch graphic added to the site).

It’s my mission to keep the film true to the pure vision: to inspire and spark interest in space exploration as way to understand the big questions. It’s also very important that the film reach as many people as possible and that the film sparks many new efforts in outreach, inspiration, dialogue and community building around the world.

You can help, even if you don’t have dime. Start a Team 11. Ask a generous friend to donate. Help find a corporate sponsor. And always continue to spread the word.

The images in the film belong to all humanity, so it’s only fitting that the film is of the people, by the people, for the people.


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