Big News – Teaser footage to open Acer Computer Global Product Launch

It’s been a wild ride for the last 10 days. I got a call while at a film festival that executives from Acer Computer – yes, that Acer Computer – had seen footage from a couple of my 2007 and 2008 teaser trailers.

Evidently, they thought it would be cool and wanted me to output some selected shots to IMAX film to kick open the presentation they are making to 350+ of the global tech media. Needless to say, I was simultaneously stunned, excited and then terrified as the date was April 7th. It did not seem possible to pull this off.

But it’s happened. I basically worked straight through until it was done, FTP’d a sound mix to IMAX in Toronto and overnight renders to the wizards at RPG Productions in California and they worked miracles and the 2 minute clip will arrive at the Liberty Science Center IMAX Dome theater tomorrow am.

And I’m off to NJ myself Monday so and get to see it in person…

You can read the full press release that Acer is sending out on my behalf here. (PDF file)


Big News – Teaser footage to open Acer Computer Global Product Launch — 15 Comments

  1. Hi, Stephen, A VERY hearty congratulations!…and thanks for sharing the good news! (Just witnessed your clear, detailed 2.75D project footage si my eyes are about as wide as Saturn’s rings now…)

  2. Wow, that’s awesome! What a great idea by Acer. They could totally use you to sell their computers if they wanted to advertise the potential of their products. I am Stephen van Vuren and I’m a PC…..oops, that’s Windows.

    Acer is picking up the tab to get you to NJ?

  3. Thanks guys. I have no idea what will happen from this but I feel like it will be positive whatever it is.

    Yanni – it was paid gig so I can swing the trip to NJ

  4. As do I – their are actually based in Italy and loved the trailer footage & music and simply picked the shots from two trailers they wanted but basically did not ask me to alter my material and the clip gives URL full credit. They were extremely pleasant to work with and sent out the press release on my behalf gratis.

  5. Fantastic! May there be the best possible outcome from this opening door.

    David and Laura (We just got back, hours ago, from Africa.)

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