And It Begins – Giant AND Digital

I saw this story on the Big Movie Zone yesterday. It’s a major milestone for Outside In’s plans for distribution on the giant screen. The costs for distributing Outside In on film will be huge. However, the costs for digital distribution are a tiny fraction of that. But right now, the options for digital distribution of Outside In on the giant screen are just a handful of venues.

However, by the time the film is done, it’s starting to look like there will be plenty of digital giant screen venues ready and that’s exciting news for the film — and for all of you wanting to see it.

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Unlike the standard multiplex movie theaters, IMAX™ theaters are still a world of film, sprockets and reels that run the huge 15/70mm film stock through giant projectors. This is because the technology to fill giant screens simply has not existed…until now. Previous projectors lacked resolution, contrast and especially brightness – so giant screen theaters have stayed with film for its quality and beauty on their huge screens.

However, film has its problems – it’s expensive, prone to dirt, scratches, weaving and more. And 15/70mm film used in IMAX™ is very, very, very expensive which has limited the creative choices available for creating and distributing giant screen films.

IMAX™, of course, knows this. A couple of years ago, they started installing IMAX™ theaters in larger multiplex theaters – which partially backfired when people realized they were not the giant film based screens of traditional IMAX film venues. The term “Liemax” was born and even Roger Ebert chimed in. But IMAX™ has continued to roll-out these theaters and while they are not film based giant screens, they are usually a step up from even good multiplex theaters with better projection and sound as well as IMAX™’s quality control processes.

A handful of smaller giants screens have just upgraded to IMAX™’s digital solution including my friends at Marble Kid’s Museum in Raleigh, NC. And IMAX™ is supposedly working on new solutions for larger giant screens – but those are not ready yet.

However, others have stepped in and this new theater points to an exploding world of digital giant screens. My interest is not in IMAX™ vs. these others. My hope is they all win so that more and more cities have quality giant screen theaters available in the next few years, hopefully screening Outside In 🙂

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